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Exercise programs for all ages and abilities.

Here at Active Rainbow we offer a number of activities for the body and mind. We feel it is important to offer a varied number of classes, training  and workshops for all ages.

Physical fitness is the state of health and wellbeing and the ability to perform aspects of day to day activities. As we get older this may become more difficult but its never too late to start a new sport, class, activity or exercise group. Active Rainbow can help to get you involved with our activities or alternatively if you do not see what you are looking for then get in touch and we can signpost you in the right direction. We work very closely with Calderdale council, a number of community groups, charities and schools.

What we offer

Why should I exercise?

Exercise can help prevent bone loss, even in individuals already suffering from osteoporosis. A sedentary life style promotes the loss of bone mass. Feeling of wellbeing is fundamental to your overall health at any age.

It can also help build the muscles surrounding your bones, increase flexibility in the joints, and generally enhance the ability of your muscles, tendons and joints to support and protect the bones

Besides inculcating good values toward foods and exercises, the children who adopt such measurable platforms seem to function better and more efficiently in any area they venture into. Both psychologically and physically, these children are able to take on much more.

Children benefit greatly from constant physical, mental and social activities. This is one of the prerequisites of a healthy lifestyle besides the more obvious and important inclusion of proper nutrition and a balanced daily diet. We should all be looking to take part in physical activity 30 minutes a day for adults and at least about an hour a day for children to help them build healthy bones and this should include activities that strengthen the muscles

Physically active children also tend to be better at social actives and interactions as their self-esteem levels are high enough to provide them with the confidence to face anything new and challenging.

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